What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor is different than a Donor.

A donor gives money or other support without any expectation of getting anything material in return. And a sponsor gives these same things but with the expectation to receive marketing & branding benefits in return.

If this is you, then you came to the right place. AMCCU provides marketing & branding benefits to Sponsors like no other organisation.

Packages Include:

TV Show Promotion

You will be interviewed on TV as the expert of your industry. This will generate immediate trust in your capabilities with an huge audience of thousands if not millions of viewers

TV Advertisement

(We mainly use C31)

You may follow up your interview with a TV Advertisement to encourage those viewers to get in touch with you now. It’s great to turn the branding of the TV Show into immediate sales!

YouTube Show Promotion

This is a 100% Sales Promotion that will drive clients to you. The combination of TV & YouTube is particularly powerful as the former provides you with the credentials to STAND OUT of the SOCIAL MEDIA CROWD and we post the YouTube Show within 72 hours of the TV Show’s appearance.

Social Media Promotion

We share the TV Interview and the YouTube Promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well, but don’t stop here. We also post & share your social media posts before and after the TV & YouTube Promotion on our own Social Media. This gives you leverage.

Online Marketing

We drive viewers of the TV & YouTube Shows to our Project Websites, where we promote you as our Sponsor and provide links to your website, social media pages, and our TV & YouTube Shows. This provides huge Cross Marketing opportunities with other sponsors & participants and the links will drive up your SEO.

Online Directory

Sponsors can receive a AMCCU Business Membership, which in turn provides you with the opportunity to list your products, services or events on our Online Directory, which will be seen by thousands of AMCCU members.

Email Marketing

We use our eNewsletter ‘Communities United’ to introduce you to all AMCCU members. Here we provide links to your website, social media page, TV & YouTube Shows, completing your marketing loop.

Event Promotion

Sponsors receive an extra events package with banners, posters, signboards, videos and much more …

Would you like to

  • Use the most powerful tool to turbo-charge brand awareness (TV Sponsorship) as it shows a brand in a frequent, non-intrusive way, leading to long-term associations with viewers?
  • Take advantage of this unique opportunity to launch or promote a new product, project, service, location, event, or showcase an existing one?
  • Deeply connect with your Target Market in a segment that most of your competitors haven’t even touched yet?
  • Increase your reach and sales to new clients and customers?
  • Re-connect with existing customers and engage them, so that they recommend you to their social network on & offline?
  • Impress the Australian and Multicultural Community by sponsoring one or two of their shows or events?
  • Be identified by your clients for doing good and being caring; and …
  • Do all of this for the fraction of the normal cost?

Feeling interested in our marketing & branding benefits, please get in touch with AMCCU today

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There are a very small number of AMCCU Marketing & Branding Grants for Small Businesses available

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