Celebrating Your True Identity

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What is a community?

A community is defined as a social group that has common values. A community may share a geographical place (neighbourhood, village, town or country) or a virtual space (community platform). Whilst AMCCU by name is Australian, our attitude is certainly global, and we welcome anyone from anywhere to join our community.

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But what is the common value that brings us together?

It’s the belief that nothing beats the beauty of creation. Hence, we value and celebrate its incredible diversity, without judging individual components. This goes for both humans and our natural environment. Think about it: You are absolutely unique. Your heritage together with your up-bringing, your values & believes and your character formed by your life experiences creates a personality that has never existed before and will never exist again. This means every person you meet during your life is different to you.

This in turn does two things: When you meet other people, you can experience your uniqueness and secondly, you have the opportunity to explore theirs. So what could be more fun and rewarding than to celebrate You and all Other People by celebrating the diversity of all of US?

AMCCUAustralian Multi-Cultural Communities United Ltd

At AMCCU we enabling you to connect to a huge diversity of other people by joining the events, festivals & shows that we organise in order to demonstrate the amazing food, film, music, dance, fashion, art, languages, and traditions that describe your and other people’s culture. This in turn should allow you to make enriching experiences and hopefully new friends.

Why is our slogan “Celebrating Your True Identity”?

Because of the interpretation of certain life experiences, fears, insecurities or the advice of others, people sometimes reject others that are different from them in one form or another, which may potentially lead to ignorance, arrogance and racism. If you are on the receiving end of this, you may feel be unfairly judged or treated, isolated and perhaps forced to not display your true identity in order to fit in. This is not right.

Hence, AMCCU wishes to open up these people’s minds by producing or sponsoring creative arts and media projects that combine information and entertainment in such an innovative way that it not only creates awareness, but also curiosity. If the latter inspires them to visit any of our events, then they may make new experiences, which in turn may create the understanding and acceptance needed to embrace you and your true identity.

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The first of such a project is AMTV is the first international Malaysian TV Show. The show’s unique contents projects the diversity of the Malaysian community in Australia and celebrates its achievements and successes. AMTV is liked as the leading infotainment channel & communication platform that unites the Malaysian community around the world through the motto “We are Malaysians”.

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

The best and fairest relationships are reciprocal, where both parties give to each other and both win. AMCCU is offering you such a relationship. In which of the following four ways – if not all – would YOU participate?

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Are you a professional in the TV, film or video production industry, a social media influencer, an event manager, IT expert, organisational guru or possess any other valuable experience you wish to bring to the team? And/or are you passionate about your community and would love to contribute to our cause?

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There are many ways how you can benefit as individual or organisation from being a Member of AMCCU. It allows you to build a multi-cultural network of like-minded people, get socially and economically integrated, saves you, your family and your business/organisation money and creates win-win situation for everyone involved. It’s just amazing. On top we attempt to tailor-make a membership for every budget and desire. What is yours?

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All of our events are huge. For example AMTV reaches millions of viewers on TV and Social Media. Traditional Media is also keen to report. The boost in business reputation, customer trust and overall branding is palpable. It fast-tracks success for start-ups and let businesses STAND OUT of the usual social media crowd. We are also offering online cross-marketing opportunities, where we provide you with references on our Event & Project Websites and links to yours (to boost your SEO Ranking & Domain Authority). As AMCCU Business Members, we offer Sponsors to have a profile on our AMCCU website and to be introduced and promoted to our entire membership.

TV, Social Media, Online & Direct Marketing in one package, who can offer that?

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To consistently provide projects & programs that assist migrants to socially & economically integrate into their new community requires an ongoing stream of funds. To create events that produce awareness, connect a large number of people and showcase our beautiful cultural diversity requires often up to 12 months of preparation and budgets of $50-200,000. We simply cannot deliver our goals of fostering understanding, acceptance and inclusion without the financial support from you and others.

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